Class Rules

  1. Class begins on time. No late admittance will be permitted.
  2. No more than one (1) absence will be permitted.
  3. Threats will not be tolerated and will result in immediate dismissal from class with no refund.
  4. Any behavior that becomes disorderly will result in dismissal from the class.
  5. Cell phones must be silenced and not permitted to be used during the class.
  6. Policies of the location venue will be reviewed at the first class and must be followed.
  7. You must do your own bookwork. Bookwork is to be completed prior to class.
  8. No more than two (2) steps will be approved at each class. All steps must be completed by the end of the session.
  9. Conflicts with instructor/co-facilitator are to be reported.
  10. Spouses/co-parents/direct family members/co-residents cannot take the same class.
  11. Notices of class cancellations will be sent out by text to the telephone number on the registration form within 3 hours of class start time.
  12. No refund will be given for any reason.