What can Parker Consulting do for you?

Parker Consulting is committed to increasing the availability and effectiveness of human services on the Eastern Shore. This is accomplished through creating, optimizing, and expanding programs that provide direct consumer service such as private or government agencies. With 20 years experience in human services, Parker Consulting has a global view of the system that allows for innovative thinking and logical solutions.

Grants Management & Compliance

Receiving a grant is a great way to launch a new program and advance your mission. However, those funds often come with stringent requirements that can be taxing on your staff's time and experience. Parker Consulting can help you write, receive, administer, report, and successfully close out grant funds to sustain your programming and advance your mission.

Strategic Planning

Where are you going and what are you providing? Did you get there intentionally or did you look up and wonder what happened? Strategic Planning is the intentional guiding of what your program will do and who it will serve based on market analysis rather than guessing. Parker Consulting can guide your company through the process of strategic planning as well as implementation.

Program Development & Evaluation

Human Services is an area with an ever growing need for new services, but Program Development and evaluation is time consuming and often overlooked with a “figure it out as we go” mentality. Parker Consulting is your solution. Much like Strategic Planning is the “what”, Program Development is the “how”. Allow us to create a roadmap with structure, policy writing, forms, grant writing, compliance, staffing recommendations and partnership building ideas. The devil is often in the details, but Parker Consulting can Develop your Program and leave you with a concrete product to be referenced, adapted, marketed or expanded.

Facilitate Education & Training

Parker Consulting believes education and training are a strong asset to human capital. We provide a variety of formats to meet your needs in-person or virtually. Professional Development to your team is available including; Mental Health First Aid for Adult and Youth, a variety of Job Readiness Skills, and more. Contact us to discuss options for your group.