Education and Training

Mental Health First Aidâ„¢

Offering MHFA for both Adults or Youth, this program focuses on how to be a first responder to someone facing a mental health crisis or substance abuse concern. Mental health challenges, such as depression, anxiety, psychosis, and substance use, are shockingly common Nationally. In fact, more than one in five adults will have a mental health concern in a given year. Identified on SAMHSA's national registry of evidence-based programs and practices Mental Health First Aid helps the public better identify, understand, and respond to signs of mental illness.

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Professional Development

Parker Consulting offers a variety of day seminars for professionals that can be customized to your specific needs. Professional Development is a valuable and underappreciated tool to increase the ability and productivity of your workforce. Contact today to discuss your goals.


Job Readiness

Job Readiness is an interactive seminar teaching the skills needed to obtain and retain employment. Come dressed as if for an interview and bring one completed job application. This class teaches how to fill out applications, quality follow up techniques, resume tips and the relationship created with employment. Participants will leave with a script in hand and the skills needed to become employed.


Anger Management

Anger Management is an 8-session class that meets once a week for 90 minutes. Participants will learn about what anger is and their personal cues. Then, participants will briefly explore the root of their anger and investigate common themes. Finally, participants will be guided through practical exercises to develop concrete techniques that build a solid foundation for responding to anger situations effectively and with purpose. All work is to be completed prior to class. After you have read the rules of the class, register to sign up for the dates and locations closest to you.


Financial Management

Financial Management is a two-hour, interactive seminar that guides participants through the basics of money, the emotions attached to money, management techniques and techniques to reduce debt. This is a basic course that gives practical solutions for financial success. Download and complete this sample budget to bring to the seminar.


Moral Reconation Therapy

Moral Reconation Therapy is a 12-week cognitive-behavioral program that uses structured exercises to foster moral development in treatment-resistant participants. MRT uses group sessions and homework assignments to move participants to a place where concern for social rules and others becomes important. MRT research has shown that as participants complete program steps, moral reasoning increases. MRT can be facilitated for Adults, Juveniles or Veterans. Contact today for more information.